Hello, my name is Brian.

I am a licensed architect with broad experience designing and managing multi-million-dollar projects in collaborative environments. Before I became an architect however, most days would find me in blue jeans and a cowboy hat, dirt up to my elbows, running a skidsteer or hauling landscape equipment to the next job. My construction experience and a passion for design led me to pursue a career in architecture, however my background as a business owner and builder continues to inform my daily work and encourage a mindful, but assertive approach.

As a designer I am fueled by a fascination with how architectural form and material impact social engagement. My professional experiences have afforded me pivotal opportunities to question the beliefs and intentions that underlie the architecture I create, and I am always eager to adopt projects that provide the opportunity to explore process, from design methodology and technology to project management and organization. My goal is to apply my gifts of leadership and creativity to advance sustainable architecture that celebrates the user and promotes collaborative project development.

While my career path took me out of the blistering Texas sun, I still look for every chance I can to get back in it - whether on project site visits, taking my motorcycle for a run, or joining friends for a canoe trip. Otherwise you can often find me enjoying a good handcraft espresso at home with my wife and dog, or working on my latest construction or carpentry project, trying to solve a design problem. I’m always interested in a challenge - and I’d love to hear yours.