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Greenway Manor

Greenway Manor is currently home to Destiny School of the Arts (DSOA), a preschool-elementary private school, and the offices of National Church Group Insurance. Greenway Manor's location and its distinctive historical barn have established the property as a landmark within the Leesburg community. DSOA's dedication to integrating academics with performing arts has fueled dramatic growth and popularity within the community. Likewise, DSOA's parent organization, Destiny Church, has been searching for a more permanent home. The Greenway Manor property presented the opportunity to develop a myriad of community resources that would provide new space for the church and school to expand. The proposed additions to the site seek to leverage the property's reputation and identity within the Leesburg community as an educational hub and landmark to increase the opportunities for life-enriching activities in Leesburg, including education, theatrical arts, musical arts, worship, and wedding celebrations. To accomplish these goals, the site is proposed to host an Events Center and Country Inn on either side of the Manor house, oriented around a central lawn.









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The Event's Center will contain a performance hall, cafe, and lobby. It will also house the expansion for DSOA's child care and elementary school programs. The Events Center will provide a venue for Destiny Church on weekends, an organization which has been serving the Leesburg community for two decades. The Events Center ties into the existing circa 1850's historic barn with a shared lobby. The barn was severely damaged in a nor'easter in early 2018 and suffered significant damage to the roof and structure. The damage compounded existing issues expected of an already old, dilapidated structure. While it would be possible to simply repair the cosmetic damage and shore up the structure, it can be argued the result would become a very big sculptural object in the landscape, unsuitable for any significant occupation - and therefore unable to provide for its own future maintenance. Instead, the project seeks to renovate the historical barn into a performing arts and wedding venue, thereby creating a facility for the community to enjoy and truly appreciate as a community resource.

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The site design strategies adopted at Greenway Manor were selected for their ability to host the necessary program while reinforcing primary project goals: to produce public space and encourage community engagement with historical resources. Given the institutional nature of the school and the desire to provide a community hub for performance arts, the proposed buildings have been placed with their orientation and setbacks designed to establish a central landscaped "plaza" or lawn. They are located in such away to both maintain and direct the view corridor to the Manor House. This was accomplished by:


The Leesburg Historical District Guidelines suggest that while the form of new construction and additions should be respectful of existing resources, they should not simply mimic or copy the existing features, and a viewer should be able to readily identify where the existing buildings end and the new construction begins. The proposed design adopts several strategies to achieve this goal and maintain a harmonious presence:

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